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Looking for an easy and stress-free business removals experience for your office relocation, with minimal disruption to your business? Then get in touch with New Beginnings. We can move any size of office, anywhere in the country.

Relocating your business should be an exciting time as you look to exploit new opportunities. However, the move can be complicated, time consuming and stressful for you. Let us work with you to manage the move and make it everything you need it to be.

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Office move experts.

Moving office is a big responsibility to your employees, your customers and everyone else who relies on you. You need office movers who respect and understand that. Business continuity is first and foremost in an office move and New Beginnings have the resources and experience to help you deliver this. Minimising downtime and disruption is key whether you are a small business moving locally or a large business moving somewhere else in the UK. We work closely with you to understand the size of your move, when it needs to happen and what needs to go where in priority order.

5 reasons why you should use professional removal companies for office removals.

  1. Professional advice – How many times have you moved your office? We’re guessing it’s not as many times as we’ve helped businesses relocate. We bring that experience and make it work for you by avoiding pitfalls and maximising efficiency.
  2. Eliminate risk – a professional removal company will make sure your office equipment is insured during transit.
  3. Limit business downtime – we make sure the right cables go with the right computers in the right sort of boxes that keep everything safe.
  4. Save money – this is an opportunity to review the floor space you need. Why not use our storage solutions to archive old paperwork?
  5. Minimise stress – we want to take care of the logistics for you and allow you to do what you do best, running your business.

Office relocation services.

We think of everything to give you peace of mind. Some of the office relocation services we provide include:

  • Specialist removal services for IT equipment.
  • Commercial storage to handle excess stock, office furniture and equipment whilst you settle in.
  • Supply and deliver all your packing boxes.
  • Anti-tamper labels on boxes containing confidential paperwork and items

Business removals and finding a professional removal company.

Take your time and talk to the removals people face to face at your business location. Gauge their reaction to things such as being asked about packing up pictures and valuable items. You are looking for the company that doesn’t just say they can do it but can provide examples and even better if they can provide a list of past customers happy to act as a testimonial.

The physical heavy lifting and packing up may appeal to some of your employees who may gain from the overtime but are you certain that your office contents are going to be properly protected and do not break during the move? Removal workers know what safely, well packed looks like and will also know how much weight they can carry and the cardboard box can take. Find a professional removals firm and you will move in a safe way and avoid your staff hurting potentially hurting themselves.

Office moving companies and corporate relocation services.

Moving office, big, small or a full corporate relocation is a difficult thing to manage especially when a lot of your colleagues may think they could do a better job! Commercial movers are used to delivering a polished, efficient service and will represent the best return on investment for you. New Beginnings are a professional business removals company, choose us to work in partnership with you.

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