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Decluttering, moving house, or expanding a business? Whether you need short term or long term storage, we can help. Our flexible options mean you can take more space as and when you need it, and rest assured in the knowledge that whatever you need to store, for whatever purpose, you’ll be safe and secure.

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Storage units

Our units are secure and convenient to use. There is round the clock CCTV and alarms to keep non-authorised people out of the place. If you’re moving to storage, our facility is the perfect nearby space for you to use for domestic or business belongings.

Self storage facilities

You don’t need to worry about access as we supply self-storage units so that you can come and go as you please 24 hours a day. In the event of any issues at all, you can contact us 24/7 and we will resolve things for you ASAP.

Extra space storage large and small

We have a wide selection of units both small, medium and large to fit your needs. If you have something large or unusual, we can find a solution. Cars, boats or giant pieces of furniture, we can cope. If you need extra space at a later date, no problem.

Moving and storage

As a removal company we have a good eye for how much ‘stuff’ you have. If we think you can save some money by moving this into local storage places for retrieval at a later date then we will suggest this solution. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to move everything into your new home on day one.

Local storage companies near me

A local company nearby is the most practical solution when it comes to storing your things. People have been known to make a mistake and store something accidentally so having a storage company nearby makes sense, just in case. Some companies will store your stuff much further away than you realise so it always pays to check where your property will actually be stored.

Affordable storage solutions

We will give you a quote that is competitive and affordable. We know the local market and price to reflect our excellent solutions but also to be competitive in the local area. Ask us and we’ll turnaround a quotation quickly for you.

Personal storage rental

Personal items are important to you, we get that. Our approach to security and removals is to take care, respect people’s belongings and make them feel good about our solutions to their needs.

Short or long term storage?

You may have sold your house, be renting another and looking for a new house. Whatever your situation, we can offer a flexible solution that fits your needs. Short term storage often turns into long term. We can cope with that and adjust our rental fees to match. Communication is the key, so talk to us and we’ll make it work for you.

Storage for office moves

We can provide commercial solutions for office moves whether you need a storage space overnight, short term or long term. It’s a stressful time when your business moves to a new office and you don’t want to have to worry about security or damages so let us help you out.

To discuss your storage needs, give us a call on 07377 289550 or use our contact form via the button below.

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