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Here at New Beginnings Removals we understand that moving house can be a stressful transition. On the day of your home move our professional and friendly team will put your mind at ease and take care of all the hard work. Home removals are hard work but you can leave all the heavy lifting and loading to us. Our staff are professionally trained to securely pack your contents into the van and keep your belongings safe in transit.

Starting afresh without the stress

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Removal companies.

When moving day finally comes around and you’re worried about your belongings; what your new neighbours might be like; the conveyancing and whether the new house will be everything you hope it will be; the last thing you need is to discover your removal company isn’t up to the job.

When you ask New Beginnings Removals to look after your precious belongings, we do exactly that. We understand the stress your feeling and we make sure we don’t add to that.

Home removals.

You aren’t just moving house, you’re moving home. Bricks and mortar can be easily repaired (although we take care of that as we load and unload as well) but precious photographs, the children’s toys, musical instruments or even a special cricket bat are what make a home. We want you to trust us with your most valuable belongings and we work hard to see that you do.

Moving house.

House moving requires staff who take care. It’s a tired cliché to say that we treat your possessions as if they were our own, but we really do! That’s why we’ll ask you to recommend us when everything is done and put away. It’s also a physical job (think pianos and giant sofas) and a delicate job (glassware and fragile items). We think before we act, plan our route and have the experience that makes us very efficient at what we do.

How to get a great professional service when moving house.

Professional removal companies will answer any questions you have and will be more than willing to offer testimonials from happy, former clients. You should feel comfortable asking about insurance, training staff have received, available capacity and experience with your particular type of move. We are happy to quote and explain our prices and to proactively answer the questions you may not even know to ask (are there any items that will need special packaging e.g. pictures?).

My home move and cheap service.

If you have had a much cheaper quote then you should really ask yourselves why. How big is their removals van? A small van means more trips, more stress and your timings can be way out. Have the removal firm done a full survey of your property? Do they know when and where they can park (at both ends)? Will they have enough people on the job? In a busy urban environment, you don’t want anyone to be able to access your home or the van without being questioned by someone.

Moving firms near me.

New Beginnings Removals are based in Bicester but ‘local’ to us means Oxford, Milton Keynes, Banbury, Abingdon, Brackley, Buckingham, Deddington, Kidlington, Thame and all the towns and villages in between. If you’re in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire then we would be delighted to quote for you. We are also happy to quote for you if you are looking to move into the area and will be moving from another part of the UK.

Domestic movers – help and advice.

Pack your kettle and some tea bags with a packet of biscuits and a toilet roll last. It’ll be easy to access and you will be grateful! By the same token, you should take an overnight bag as if you are going on holiday. Make sure phone chargers, pet food and medication is easy to get to. Home removals can be a stressful time and remembering the daily essentials makes moving house so much easier. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Homes, moves and choosing the right removal company.

A home move is often listed as one of the three most stressful things to do in life. Whilst we can never promise to remove all the stress we will certainly do our bit on the day to make the move go as smoothly as possible. Ask us how using the button below.

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